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Frequently Asked Questions

Intercom Questions

Q: Am I better off repairing or replacing my existing system?

A: The answer would depend on the age and condition of the system and the severity of
the damage.

Typical repairs for Master Stations run about $450.00 to $600.00 to diagnose the
problem, pull the master station, bring in for repair and reinstall after repair has been

Other common problems occur when the door station or patio station reach about 5
years and the weather has taken it's toll on them. Replacing or repairing these items
typical runs $18
5.00 to $200.00 for Parts and Labor.

Units that are excessively old, have heavy wear and tear, are just plain ugly or have had
lightning damage should be replaced.

Q:  Can I replace just the master station without replacing the room and patio

A: In most cases it is best to replace the room stations and patio station when you
replace the master unit. One exception is the M&S MC602. The room stations from this
system will work with the new M&S DMC3-4 providing they are still in good working
condition. Call for details and ask for a Free in Home Replacement Estimate (Dallas /
Fort Worth Metroplex only).

Q:  Will the new units fit in the same space as my current units?

A: The new M&S units are smaller in size than your original units.  M&S has designed
special trim plates to cover the existing openings without having to modify wall openings
or try to match wallpaper or paneling.  

Q:  Why are the door and patio stations always the first to wear out?

A:  Because the door and patio stations are exposed to the elements such as heat, cold,
humidity and rain. They are always the first to fail.  A typical life span for these units is
approximately five years depending upon exposure.

When these units fail they can cause shorts in the system leading to other problems.

Q:  What if my system uses the 8 inch room stations?

A:  If your system is an older M&S system, M&S has designed an 8 inch room station that
is compatible with the new DMC3-4.

Q:  How long does it take to replace my intercom system?

A:  Times vary depending upon the size of the system and how it was originally wired.  
Typical installation times range between four to six hours with some exceptions.

Q:  Can I use my existing intercoms wiring?

A:  Absolutely providing that no damage has been done to the existing wiring.  
Occasionally wire is damaged from power surges, lightening damage or critters in the
attic.  If the wires are damaged we will attempt to repair them but if they are not
repairable it may not be possible or feasible to run new wires to those locations.

Q:  Are there color options?

A:  Yes. The DMC3-4 is available in white as a standard finish and almond or black for an
additional charge. (Patio stations are only available in white and black)

Central Vacuum Questions

Q:  Does TMC TechPoint install central vacuum systems in existing homes?

A:  In some instances it is possible to install a central vacuum system in an existing
home.  In most cases it is not possible or feasible.  An in-home survey would need to be
done to determine if it would be possible and practical.

Q:  Does a central vacuum system do a superior job of cleaning?

A:  Yes because of a substantially larger motor with increased suction and air flow the
central vacuum system is more efficient at cleaning than a conventional vacuum. Also
unlike a conventional vacuum that recirculates it's exhaust back into the room a central
vacuum exhausts to the outside or into an attic space leaving the air you breathe  in your
home cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Q: What is a vac-pan inlet?

A: A vac-pan inlet is an inlet placed at floor level that is in the shape of a dust pan and
can be activated by a toe switch. With a large number of home using hardwood and tile
floors vac-pans have become very popular. Simply sweep dirt to the vac-pan and use the
toe switch to activate the suction which whisks the dirt away to the canister. (see Central
Vacuum section for picture)  Ideal locations are in kitchens and utility rooms.

Q: How long is the hose that plugs into the inlets?

A: A standard length hose is 30 foot long. An optional 35ft. Hose  is also available.

Q: How often do I need to empty the cannister?

A: The cannister capacity is much larger than a conventional vacuum and usually only
needs emptying a few times per year. Home owners that have pets or live in rural areas
may need to empty the cannister more frequently.

Q: Is bag or bag-less better?

A: Both bag and bag-less models perform equally well. With a bag-less model there is no
need to purchase bags, but emptying the cannister tends to be a little messier. With
bagged units you will need to have a couple of bags on hand per year but emptying the
cannister is considerably tidier. For anyone with dust allergy's we would certainly
recommend a bagged unit.

Q: What is a car care kit?

A: A car care kit contains a separate hose and attachments designed to be kept in the
garage and used to clean out your vehicles, boats, etc.. The benefit is by having a
separate hose for the garage that after you drag it across your garage floor you may not
want to use the same hose on your clean carpet risking getting dirt, oil or grease stains.

The hose from the car kit plugs directly into an inlet on the central vacuum unit in the

General Questions

Q: What forms of payment does TMC TechPoint Inc. accept?

A: TMC TechPoint accepts cash, checks (no third party), as well as Visa, Master Card,
American Express and Discover Card or any combination of the above.

Q: Does TMC TechPoint Inc. Require payment prior to beginning work?

A: Yes, TMC TechPoint requires a 1/2 down payment at acceptance of quote before
scheduling of installation and work can begin. The balance of the payment is due the day
of the installation.

Q: Does TMC TechPoint offer a Referral Bonus to customers?

A: Yes, we offer a $100.00 check to any customer who refers a friend, neighbor or
relative who purchases a complete Intercom or central vacuum installation from TMC
TechPoint Inc.. A check will be sent once installation  has been completed and payment
has been received in full.
Click here for additional information

Q: What type of warranty is provided?

A: All products carry the full manufactures warranty on parts and TMC TechPoint offers a
2 year warranty on all installation work provided.

Q: What if I need to special order items?

A: We welcome your special order requests. All special order items require full payment
in advance and are non refundable.
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