TMC TechPoint Inc.
Replacement Door Stations
M&S, Music & Sound, Broan
Door Station Replacements
(can also replace Nutone)
(Use M&S Door Station Adaptor -- Additional $25.00)
Music & Sound Polished Brass Door Station, Nutone, Broan
M&S Music & Sound White Door Station, Nutone, Broan
M&S Music & Sound D3BN Antique Brass Door Station, Nutone, Broan
Antique Brass
Polished Brass
Nutone Door Station Replacements
All Nutone Door Stations have been discontinued by the manufacturer
Replace with M&S Door Stations above --
Requires M&S Door Station Adaptor (+$25.00)
Call to Order
Door Station Replacements
Audiotech Intercom Door Station White
Antique Brass
This Month's Special
Any Door Station Installed for only
($210.00 Value-Includes Door Station and Installation)
Applies only to the immediate Dallas Metroplex
$25.00 extra for Door Station Adaptor when replacing Nutone Door Stations

Personal Checks Welcome!

Door Stations are available for Local Installation Only
Audiotech Antique Brass Door Station
Doorbell Broken text
Audiotech Intercom Door Station Brass
M&S Music & Sound Nickle Door Station, Nutone, Broan

Custom Blank Door Station Covers
For M&S, Music & Sound & Broan
Brushed Aluminum
For Nutone Door Stations
Brushed Aluminum
These Custom Blank Plates
are an attractive, professional
solution when you have
removed your intercom
system and provide a great
mount for your new Video
Door Station from Ring as well
as numerous other brands

All Custom Blank Plates are $35.00ea.
(does not include mounting other devices to plate)

These are high quality metal plates designed to
cover M&S and Nutone Door Station openings.

All Plates can be painted by the Home Owner to
customize the appearance for their home
Plates can be mounted Vertical or Horizontal

Shipping is $15.00
Call to Order Yours Today!

Wireless Doorbell Options
Starting at $25.00 to $85.00 + Service Call

Custom Blank Plates are available to cover M&S, Nutone & Audiotech Door Station Openings
for an additional $35.00
(Custom Plates Available in Black, Bronze, Brushed Aluminum or White)

ll Wireless Doorbells come with Plug In Chime units that plug directly into any electrical outlet. Depending
on the size and layout of your home we have units available with 1, 2 or 3 Plug In Chimes.

Chime units have adjustable chime levels and you can
select between numerous chime tones.
Delivery and or Installation available for Dallas Metroplex area only.

Custom Blank Plates
to Mount Wireless
Doorbells are
available in Black,
Bronze, Brushed
Aluminum or White
at a cost of $35.00
See Pictures above
for colors

An Attractive
Cost Efficient
Solution when you
have decided not to
replace your
Intercom Systems
Door Station and  
need to cover the
opening and still
have a Door Chime
that can be heard
throughout the
Models available
with 1,2 or 3 Plug in
Chime Units
6 3/8" Tall X 4 1/2" Wide (5 3/8" between screw holes)
6 3/8" Tall X 41/2" Wide (4 1/2" between screw holes)