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In-Wall Safes
In-Wall Safes offer a great way to conceal and secure your
valuables whether it's Passports, precious jewelry, important
documents, handguns, long guns, ammo or valuable
electronics and you can do it without loosing valuable floorspace
55" In Wall Safe with Electronic Lock
and 4 Steel Locking Bolts designed to
fit between 16" on Center Studs
inside your wall.
Electronic Lock features a large push
button keypad that accepts your 3-8
digit security code, a low battery
warning system and 2 back up keys.
Includes 4 removeable shelfs, can
hold 2 long guns up to 52" long.
An Incredible Value at only:
Includes Delivery & Installation
14.44 H x 4.63 D x 12.38" W
On Wall Safe with Electronic Lock and 2 steel
Locking Bolts and 1 removable shelf.
Great for closet locations or  when an In-Wall safe
may not be possible or practical.
Only $199.00
Price Includes Delivery & Installation
3 Point Locking System with Key Coded Cam Lock Security Cabinets designed to be mounted in wall
between 16" on center studs in Matte Beige Finish. Provides an Inexpensive way to protect your Family
& Valuables with 3 convenient sizes to fit your needs. At these prices you may want to locate several
throught the house wherever safety & security are needed.
11" $165.00,      22" $185.00,      55" $295.00
Prices Include Delivery & Installation
100% all steel construction.
Adjustable telescoping depth in wall safe
allows you to maximize your usable space when
installed in deeper walls.
Perfect for storing Important documents and
valuables such as jewelry, watches, money,
small weapons and much more.
Exterior: 22 1⁄8" x 15" x 3 1⁄4" - 6"

Only $369.00
Price Includes Delivery & Installation
The QuickShelf Safe

The QuickShelf Safe was the first of its kind using RFID technology. Simply touch your RFID Key to the
secret access point, and your shelf will unlock the hidden compartment below.

QuickVent $465.00 Installed, QuickVent+ (deeper) $475.00 Installed, QuickShelf $495.00 Installed
The QuickVent Safe
Using RFID Technology, the
QuickVent is easy to access while
remaining hidden in plain sight.

For the Ultimate in Concealment!
These In Wall Sliding Mirror Safes and Floating Nightstand Shelf use a
Patented Magnetic Locking System.
The mirrors also come with velcro handgun holsters to hold your guns firmly in place.
These items are custom made to order with various finishes available to choose from, all
custom order products require full payment in advance and please allow 2-3 weeks for
delivery and installation.

22" Floating Nightstand $495.00 ea.
30" Floating Nightstand $545.00 ea.
16X20 Sliding Mirror $625.00 ea.
Full Length Sliding Mirror (62" Tall) $1145.00 ea.

This Cordless Dehumidifier
effectively removes excess
moisture from up to 100 cu. Ft. A
moisture gauge on front of the
unit indicates when it needs
recharging; simply plug into a
standard 120 V electrical outlet
– no batteries to replace or

This battery powered LED
light features 3 light heads,
each with 3 LED lights
. The
light heads pivot independently
and allow for directional
lighting in any safe or cabinet.
Installation is easy with the
included hook and loop tape;
the light can also be attached
with the included mounting
plate. A motion detector with 30
or 60 second auto-off feature
adds convenience and extends
battery life. A standard off/on
switch is also included.
Requires 6 AAA batteries.
22" Electronic Locking 2 Bolt Safe
with 2 removeable shelfs.
Only $299.00 Delivered & Installed

All Safe orders require a 50% Downpayment at time of order.
All Custom Made Special Order Safes require Payment in Full at time of order.
All In-Wall Safes require a 16" on center stud space to mount in with a minimum 4" depth.
All In-Wall Safe prices include delivery & standard installaion.
An open, free from obstruction space is required for installation.
Safes are only available in the DFW Metroplex and are not available for self install.
Wall Safes are not Fireproof.
Light and Dehumidifier only available at time of purchase of an installed safe
not available for individual sale
TMC TechPoint is not liable for safe contents damage or loss.
Always handle firearms responsibly and keep out of the hands of children.