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Music & Sound Intercom intercom from 1980's
Nutone Model 3003 Intercom Master Station

This is where we
come in!
Nutone's Discontinued the direct replacement
for the model 3003 which was the 3303 shown
just to the right of it, no new direct replacement
is available for either model. Look at the
M&S DMC3-4 Intercom System
at the bottom of the page as a replacement.
Call today for details.

Now is a great time to upgrade to a M&S Retrofit
Intercom System and get digital tuning, electronic
controls and add
Bluetooth Capability to play music from
IPad, Tablet, Apple or Android Phone or Laptop
This is really stepping back in time.
Notice the old tuning wheel.
This is a classic,It was state of the art in it's day.
The mechanical parts on these type of units wear
out with time and can cause static, popping,
clicking and screeching sounds.

M&S DMC3-4 or DMC1 Intercom systems
Are capable of replacing your existing
3, 4, 6 or 7 wire Intercom System
(shown with trim plate)

Add Bluetooth Capability
to play music from your
Bluetooth enabled
Apple or Android Smart Phone,
I-Pad or Tablet as well as many
Laptop Computers
Wow!!! Much Better!
Improve your family's quality of life by upgrading to a
M&S or Intrasonic Retrofit Intercom System
Providing Music, Communication, Security, Safety & Convenience for your Home.
Contact TMC TechPoint Today to arrange for your Free In-Home
Replacement Estimate

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(or just use your home, work or cell phone)
The old manual analog
tuners had difficulty holding
stations tend to drift more

The new digital tuners allow
you to set AM & FM drift free
presets to your
favorite stations.
Nutone model 3303 Intercom Master
Nutone Door Station

Proof that Dinosaurs still exist!!!