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Sure Smart Homes are Cool!
But did you know they are also Practical!

Some of the many benefits to a smart home are:
Simplfy Daily Routines to make your life easier and less stressfull
Give yourself  the security of seeing your home inside or out, day or night from virtually anywhere in the
world, Allow you to easily communicate with your family from as close as a room away or as far as a
continent away, call them to dinner or Drop In from a business trip to London to make sure they are
doing their homework. Check in on the baby's room or check in on an elderly Family Member  that may
sometimes need assistance, Entertaining has never been easier, adjust the lights, select the music
all from an app or simply by voice. Want to hear the weather, see todays news or watch a movie, you
can do it all with simple voice commands. Play your favorite Radio Station or
Music App throughout the house, the music you want, when you want to hear it.
Have a question, ask Alexa, chances are she has the answer.
One of the most important things to consider when
contemplating adding Smart Devices to your home is the
strength of your WiFi Signal.
Good Signal Strength can be a
big determining factor whether you get stunningly good
results or are stunningly dissapointed. If your signal is poor
contact your local internet provider or update your wireless
router with a product like eero, a mesh Wi-Fi System that can
provide stable, reliable, worry free wi-fi
throughout the whole house
W-Fi Signal Strength Meter

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Connect Ring Cameras  to Alexa !
eero is the Solution to your Wi-Fi woes
one IP address to blanket your home in
Wi-Fi Goodness!!