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Old M&S Room Station
New M&S Patio Station
Music & Sound Intercom System with Cassette Deck
Remember Cassettes?
This Intercom System had a fold down door that revealed a Cassette Deck.
When mounted in the wall this system stood over 2 ft. tall.
M&S Systems produced this unit in the early 80's.
M&S 8" Metal Patio
Station (above)
Nutone Room
Station (to right)

Before & After
Patio Station
(below & right)

Before & After
Intercom Master
(to right)

DMC3-4 with
(to left)
Whether you are remodeling your
Kitchen or simply want to
update your Intercom
we have a solution for you.

Integrate your Alexa Enabled Device,
Smart Phone, I-pad, Tablet, Etc. to play
through your new intercom.

Call us today to receive a Free In
Home Replacement Estimate!

The M&S DMC3-4 Retrofit Intercom  comes in    
your choice of White, Almond or Black
(<<<<<<shown in White with White trim-plate)


Nutone Intercom Above

If your Door
Station looks
this bad or
worse, it
maybe time
to replace it
Click Here

Intercom System from 1959 with tube amplification
1950's Room Station

Bet you haven't seen this one before. This unit was
installed in
1959! This Intercom is very large and is
roughly 1.5 times as wide and twice as tall as the
intercoms from the mid eighties and it's over 3 times
the size of our current intercoms.
It's styling is reminiscent of the fins
on cars from the late 50's.

If you have a unique or interesting intercom that you would like to share pictures of please
contact us, we would love to put it on our website and share it with others.
You can reach us at
972-475-8590, or e-mail us at
M&S Intercom System with CD Changer

To the left is the finished
replacement for the
Intercom above
complete with a 6 Disc CD
Changer, Digital Tuner with
Station Presets and an
Auxiliary Input Jack for
an I-Pod.
There are also 2 volume
control switches on the
custom made faceplate to
control speakers in other
<<<<<M&S Room Station in white pictured to left with
Trim Plate to cover existing opening
Old M&S Patio Station
Old M&S Aluminum Patio Speakers had open back
switches and paper cone speakers that did not
hold up too well in the weather
Old M&D Patio Station

M&S Room
Station from
The M&S Intercom above was produced in 1967
and is very unique.

TMC TechPoint Specializes in replacing old
intercom systems with the new updated
M&S DMC3-4 Call Us Today for yours!
"We Make Intercoms Cool Again!!"
New M&S DMC4RS Room Station with DMCFR Trim Plate
M&S DMC4RSB new Room Station
M&S D3BN Door Station with Nutone Door Station Adaptor
Nutone Door Station Adaptor
M&S Antique Brass D3BN Door Station

M&S Intercom Systems are
designed to replace 3,4,6 & 7 wire
systems form M&S, Nutone &
M&S DMC1 with DMCBT Bluetooth add on
M&S DMC3-4 with Bluetooth Receiver
M&S DMC1 with Bluetooth Receiver
M&S DMC3-4
in White,
Notice the
Cord Free
installed on
the Trim Plate.
( a more
M&S DMC3-4 with optional Bluetooth Receiver

New M&S Intercom Room
Station with Trim Plate
to cover existing
larger opening.
White, Almond or Black
Ask us about using your
Alexa Enabled devices with
your new Intercom

M&S Intercom Above
Older M&S Room Station